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Namaste & Greetings Pritam Employment:

Pritam Employment (P.) Ltd., established in 2017, is a leading overseas employment consultant in Nepal. The company was established to meet the  growing demand for Nepalese work force abroad to alleviate growing unemployment in the country. The company exports a wide range of competent manpower –  from semiskilled to highly professionals based on the demands of our valued clients. Thus, the company functions as a bridge between Nepal and manpower importing nations around the globe.
Over the years, Pritam Employment (P.) Ltd. has become a trusted name to reckon within outbound recruitment. The company believes in competency blended with quality. 

Message From Chairman

We are pleased to introduce our reputation, credibility in international recruitment field in outsourcing Nepalese Human resources and consequently request you to appoint us your recruitment Agent.

As premier foreign employment company international, Pritam Employment rank second to none in human resources recruitment, which provide the best options and compromise between recruitment cost, timely service and workers reliability. 

The target groups of Pritam Employment Pvt. Ltd. are those clients for whom we have recruited thousand of Nepalese workforce in Middle East and Far East. We seek to distinguish ourselves by providing the most possible flexibility, fast track and reliability in client service. Our Agency networks enable clients to benefit from a recruitment package tailored to their individual company needs and time requirements for their human resources needs.

As a well-established recruitment company and intermediary in your service, we keep the promise to our clients and customer – JUST-IN-TIME & EVERYTIME.

Attached herewith is an outline of the company’s profile, services, recruitment procedures, ISO certification and Nepal Govt. License respectively for your kind perusal and review.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated response.

Your Sincerely,

Ambar Bahadur Rai


Our Mission

  • To fully comply with the laws and acts of Ministry of Labour & Employment of Nepal.
  • To Provide unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled, highly skilled and professional manpower required for both manufacturing and service sector.
  • To fulfill at least 90% of the demands received in a year.
Teamwork Diverstiy Mission and Culture

Our Vision

Sensitivity to world issues and manpower requirements is vital to Pritam Employment ‘s vision of maintaining “World Class” status. The special skills of the specialists serving each of our markets are the key to our ability to adapt to market changes. We continuously modify the specifics of implementing our vision and mission goals to maintain the detailed and personalized services our standards demand.

Employers can be assured that PRITAM EMPLOYMENT  only deploys healthy and mentally sound workers. Each candidate undergoes a rigid medical examination in a government accredited and bonded medical clinic. Read More 

Who are Gurkhas ?

After suffering heavy casualties in the invasion of Nepal, the British East India Company signed a hasty peace deal in 1815, which also allowed it to recruit from the ranks of the former enemy. Gurkhas
have been integral part of the British Army for almost 200 years. Gurkhas(Nepalese) are well known for their bravery since longtime. The Nepalese, better known as the Gurkhas has been a
trademark of excellence for their loyalty and supreme reliability as guardians and protectors all around the world. “Better to die than be a coward” is the motto of the world-famous Nepalese Gurkha
soldiers. These statements proves how brave and generous are the Gurkhas really are. This is what a Gurkha is, never backing up, never giving up, always brave, always kind, always “The Bahadur”, ‘Bahadur” a
weighty Nepali word meaning “Brave” is popularly used to describe them. These days most of Nepalese are called as Gurkhas. They are mo recognized in the whole world for their utmost
bravery. They are well-recognized with their master weapon, Khukuri.

We Recruit


Hospital/Health And Hygiene

Mall/Supermarkets/Retail Sectors

Factory And Manufacturing



Agriculture Farm And Dairy

Facility Management And Security Guard

Bank And Financial Institutions

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